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We leverage our intimate knowledge of the legislative and regulatory processes with our technical expertise to execute strategies that help our clients achieve their business and policy objectives. We are committed to pursuing opportunities to enhance and improve the accuracy of information shaping contemporary policy debates.

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We are a specialty government affairs and policy consulting company based in Portland, Ore, specializing in the areas of state and local legislative, tax and regulatory matters.

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Lobbying Approach

Our clients trust us to be their representative before the legislature and regulatory boards, and we are committed to advancing their interests with integrity and professionalism.


Services for Lobbyists

We offer a suite of specialty services for lobbyists and interest groups engaged in the political system to enhance their success.

Why Our Clients Choose Peak Policy

It is simple, trust. Our clients turn to us because of our innate understanding of their unique policy issues and reputation of tirelessly fighting for their interests in the legislative and regulatory arenas.

We approach every project with the understanding that lobbying is about much more than making an argument; it is about making the right argument and implementing targeted, fully-integrated strategies to succeed in a difficult political environment.

We realize the amount of trust our clients place in us to be their representative to the legislature and regulatory bodies, and we are committed to advancing and protecting their interests in the highest ethical manner.

Our Services

Strategic Planning
We help our clients understand the ways their policy objectives fit within the broader political climate and work with them to set attainable goals.
Monitoring & Reporting
In politics, the key to success is information. You need to be aware of the overall landscape to remain competitive in your area of business.
Advocacy & Lobbying
Successful lobbying demands an understanding of the issues, the process and the players. Your only currency is your credibility and the respect earned from it.
Policy Consulting
We couple our understanding of the political process and technical policy expertise to develop creative solutions to our clients' problems.

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Oregon Legislature Completes Act I of Rebalancing the State Budget

Oregon Legislature Completes Act I of Rebalancing the State Budget

Oregon lawmakers convened in a marathon one-day special session yesterday to address a mounting budget deficit created by the coronavirus pandemic and its ensuing economic crisis.
Lawmakers Address Coronavirus Response & Police Accountability in Special Session

Lawmakers Address Coronavirus Response & Police Accountability in Special Session

Oregon lawmakers returned to the Capitol on Wednesday morning for their first special session since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. In many ways, this limited-scope special session was a trial run for future meetings of the legislature.
Oregon Dept. of Revenue Files Additional Regulatory Notice

Oregon Dept. of Revenue Files Additional Regulatory Notice

The Oregon Department of Revenue has filed a notice of proposed rulemaking on the administrative regulations for the corporate activity tax (C.A.T.). The hearing is the second of two anticipated regulatory filings for the C.A.T. (click here for the earlier filing) and will be held on June 23 via teleconference due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.
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