The Firm

Who We Are

About Peak Policy

Peak Policy is a nonpartisan government affairs and policy consulting firm based in Portland, Ore., specializing in the areas of state and local legislative, tax and regulatory matters. We take great pride in the reputation we have established as a trusted and reliable source of policy context for our clients and their issue areas.

When our services are integrated into a client’s lobbying operation—either as a primary or secondary lobbyist—there is an immediate impact on their success. This is because our clients understand the most effective lobbying strategies rely on having the best teams advancing and defending their interests.

Our Philosophy

The state legislative and regulatory environment is rapidly changing. The days of lawmakers convening and then sitting in neutral until the next session convenes are long gone. Every day, lawmakers and regulatory bodies are making decisions that directly influence the lives and livelihoods of our communities.

Elected and public officials are now more accessible than they have ever been with the advent of the 24-hour news cycle, the Internet and social media. This has the potential to improve legislative discourse or deteriorate institutional trust. Now, more than ever, policymakers need to understand the fully policy context of their decisions.

Our commitment in the political process is to leverage our intimate understanding of contemporary policy issues with our expertise in navigating the political process to prevail in a challenging political environment.

Our Approach to Lobbying

The foundation of a successful lobbying strategy is built on an understanding of the client’s unique and specific needs. We marshal policy initiatives for our clients from their conception to implementation and guide our clients in developing comprehensive strategies tailored specifically to accomplish their public policy priorities.

We deploy a campaign-style approach to our advocacy that begins with assessing threats and opportunities to build strong coalitions. We work with our clients to develop meaningful messages conveying the real-world consequences of policy actions. Like a campaign, our approach is predicated on repetitive interactions. We meet and regularly follow up with decision makers to ensure our client positions are integrated into any policy.

Our Services

Strategic Planning
We help our clients understand the ways their policy objectives fit within the broader political climate and work with them to set attainable goals.
Monitoring & Reporting
In politics, the key to success is information. You need to be aware of the overall landscape to remain competitive in your area of business.
Advocacy & Lobbying
Successful lobbying demands an understanding of the issues, the process and the players. Your only currency is your credibility and the respect earned from it.
Policy Consulting
We couple our understanding of the political process and technical policy expertise to develop creative solutions to our clients' problems.